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HP Officejet 3830 is a multi-functional HP color inkjet printer along with features of scanning, faxing, copying, wireless printing, AirPrinting, Mobile Printing, cloudPrint and high sensitive touchscreen, wireless connectivity and other advanced printing functions, so it is one of the best printer for official and home based purposes. The printing machine OJ 3830 is provided with the feature of an Instant Ink, so that you can perform your printing operation without thinking ink shortage during printing.

You can print wherever with the help of using your smartphone or tablet via using a HP ePrint application. You can download HP ePrint application easily to get continuous printing without thinking about USB cable connections. Along with AirPrint feature, you can comfortably print from your mobiles phones powered by Apple phone like iPhone or iPad.




A device can capable of providing lab-quality photos wirelessly from your mobile phone, which is none other than 123 HP OJ 3830. It has an instant ink service features, so it can provide reasonable home printing by savings up to 50% Inks.

It has following specifications,

Star rated user friendly HP Printer

802.11 b/g/n - 2.4-GHz wireless networks

Hi-speed 2.0 USB cable

Wi-Fi Direct connection network

Supporting multiple operating system (Linux, Window and Mac OS)

Enhanced physical dimensions (454 mm width, 5.76 kg Weight, 8-10 inches' height, 14-22 inches' height).

Mono touchscreen display with 57.2 mm diagonal, 50.8 mm length and 28.7 mm height)

2 cartridges (1-Black color cartridges, 1-tricolor cartridges)

Up to 35 Sheets capacity Automatic Document Feeder.

Support multiple paper types (Normal size, A4, A5, A6, B5, Borderless A4, Borderless A5, Borderless B5).

Support different types envelopes like A2, C5, C6, DL, Monarch,U.S.10, 63/4 and chou #4 envelopes.

Drop-on-demand thermal inkjet printing for black and multi-color inks.

Up to 50 copies for black and multi-color digital images.

24-bit color, 8-bit grayscale black, while and color scanning features.

Advantage of Officejet 3830:

Lab quality prints

Portable in hand

Miniaturized cost

Economical printing with high quality

Simple installation and download

Easy setup and troubleshoot

Quick printing and scanning

Enable wireless connection between Printer and network:

Ensure your printer has a wireless facility.

Power on your printer and your wireless modem.

Check your wireless modem blinks green color.

Determine your printer is placed within the range of wireless network

Click a control panel and select a wireless icon on it.

On the Wireless icon, select setting icon option.

Check Wireless Setup icon and hit it.

Follow the on-screen instructions displayed on the control panel for connecting your printer with the computer.

Now your printer is changed into wireless setting mode.

Wireless HP OFFICEJET 3830 Printer Setup for Windows and macOS:

Performing proper printing machine setup is always made you to encourage to do your prints as per your wish. This is the one and only device to make you as a professional photographer by making high quality prints with this printer simply.

Step 1: Wireless Setup Initial:

Before going to perform a printing device setup process wirelessly with your computing, you have to ensure the following credentials.

Ensure than you have network name and password before going to install the printer on your wireless network.

Ensure your connectable devices like router, printer, and computer, are powered on.

Ensure that your wireless network provides adequate wireless signal.

Make sure that your printing device and the computer have wireless connection facilities.

Confirm that the computer is connected to a wireless network.

If yes means, Check connection signal strength for the wireless network.

Enable wireless feature of your printer to be activated.

Connect your printer with the computer with the network.

Ensure that connection network between the computer and the printer is enabled by same wireless network.

Make sure that distance between the computer and the printer is to be narrow during downloading, installing and setting up the printer into the computer.

Remove any universal serial bus (USB) cables connected with the printer or the computer.

Try to follow step by step guidance for explaining about how to change wireless network facility of your printer.

Download printer driver and other software for Officejet 3830:

Printer driver or basic printer software is very essential component for making stable connection between the printer and the computer. So, downloading proper version of the printer driver is very important one for good printing. You can download the drivers by two ways like downloading trusted HP website or other websites.

Go to your favorite website like Google Chrome in your computer.

Type corresponding keyword in the searching bar, for example HP DJ 3830 driver download.

Open the associated page from the search engine resulting page like: http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers.

Get an exact model name of your OJ 3830.

Go to HP trusted website and click download page of the trusted website.

In download model box, enter OJ 3830 model and hit a search option.

Get a listed OJ 3830 driver software with different version or other software.

Select the perfectly matched driver model from the list according to your operating system versions and click download option.

Your required software is downloaded as exe file.

Save the setup file in a corresponding location of your computer.

Right click the setup file and run it.

After that, restart your computer.

Now your HP Officejet 3830 is ready with effective driver software.

Printer Faxing:

Printer has a faxing function, which is capable of printing a document by scanning and sending a document in any form from one computing device with faxing functions to another computing device with faxing functions through a telephone connection.

Step by step guidance for how to do printer faxing operations

Step1: Initial guidance:

Before faxing the documents, ensure that following credential is available for the further process.

Check availability of proper sized paper and ink filled in ink cartridges according to the printing requirements.

Check whether the telephone line is in good conditions.

Check both fax capable devices are getting a proper power supply.

Determine both the devices to be in good conditions.

Printer Scanning:

Scanning is one of the awesome property for making a soft copy of the documents or photos in a digital format to be saved in a respective folder in a computer.

Printer copying:

Copying is a procedure of using a copying machine or copier for making a number of photocopies of documents or photos need to be copied. After selecting the documents, give it into a copying tray and make a number of copies as per your wish without compromising contents in your document or images.