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HP Envy 7640 PRINTER

The HP Envy 7640 is an e-All- in-One Printer along with a set of features including printing, scanning, copying and faxing features and working as an inkjet multifunction printer (MFP) suitable for household or home-office printing uses with simple Printer driver software download, setup and troubleshooting features by directly performing wireless or USB installation of the 123 HP Envy 7640 in computer devices. The printer satisfies all printing related requirements of all user groups because it has advanced mobile and photo printing capabilities, versatile performance for all your home projects, high speed ePrint, AirPrint and CloudPrint Printing features from smarthone, iphone, iPad, Windows based computer system, MacOS based computer system, and other computing system.

Envy 7640


HP Envy 7640 Physical specifications and its benefits:

Include an automatic document feeder for feeding a number of pages intoan input tray of the printer during printing printable pages for color or black and white purposes.

Having built-in faxing for faxing multiple documents or pages at a same time without compromising printing quality by sending faxing documents from one faxing device to another faxing device with the help of using Wireless network or Wired USB network.

Support both Wireless fidelity or Ethernet or USB based connections, so you can connect your computer related devices or mobile devices with your Envy 7640 printer easily.

Support different versions of operations, so it can comfortable with any computing devices with different versions like Window 7, Window 8, Window 10, Window XP, Window Vista and other versions, Linux based operating 32 bit or 64 bit versions and Mac OS with its different versions.

Use multi-color ink cartridge for storing different color inks separately, for example storing black color or white color inks in different cartridges, and cyan, magenta and yellow color inks in different cartridges, so achieving high-quality and improved color prints without thinking about ink shortage during printing.

It has ready to avail ink features, so you can replace your old ink cartridge with new ink cartridges without spending more amount or time to buy it.

Have a main paper tray with loading capacity up to 125 sheets, so it ca accept paper up to 69# basis weight.

Apart from basic paper inputting operations, avail a separate tray for loading a snapshot-size photo paper for specific printing purposes.

You can copy or scan a stack of pages and different documents within a simple time using an automatic document feeder.

Has a large, 3.5-inch display screen along with a touchscreen interface for regulating and controlling printing operations easily in any operation conditions.

Has an inbuilt memory-card reader, so you can allow you can print from smartphone or iphone or digital cameras without requiring additional USB cables.

Make direct connection between a personal computer (PC) and the envy 7640 by using a USB cable, or network router or wirelessly with WiFi or with an Ethernet cable.

Has built-in faxing for storing incoming faxes in paper running out conditions of the printer.

Send faxes from an attached PC to other devices by accessing Internet directly using downloadable application stored in the printer.

Physical measurement of 7.6 inches height, 17.8 inches width and 23.9 inches deepth.

How to download Envy 7640 printer Driver?

Before getting conclusion about HP printer driver 7640, think about versions of operating system and other supporting software to be required for further operations.

Go to the HP official website for downloading Envy 7640 printer driver.

Enter the product name in the searchable box along with the versions.

Select the appropriate driver model with respective versions from a list.

Right click and select download option to download it.

Save it in an appropriate place of the computer system.

How to install Envy 7640 Printer Driver?

After downloading proper versions of the driver or other printer software, select installation mode of HP Envy 7640 model.

Have to select an installation mode of the Envy 7640 Whether wireless or USB based installation.

Connect your printer with the computer using wireless mode by following step by step on screen instructions after selection your printer device from a wireless menu list and connecting your printer with the computing device same network devices.

How to Setup the HP Envy 7640 with Window OS or MacOS based computing system?

Taking out tape and packing materials from an outside of the printer.

Open a scanner lid of the Envy 7640 slowly.

Removing all packing materials followed by opening a photo tray and removing an output tray.

Push papers into a paper tray and a photo tray according to printing needs.

Wind out the packing materials from an inner side of the input tray calmly.

Insert an ink cartridge into the printer by removing it from packaging material and closing an ink access cartridge door.

Connect two ends of power supplies into a wall socket and printer power outlet respectively.

Check your printer is connected properly and perform initial printing test operations.